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Aida, the founder of Concept Organization, is a lifelong explorer of human potential. Born in the war zone in Iran, she escaped the country alone when she was 17 years old. Ever since her childhood, she has been naturally driven to investigate the full extent of human potential, from the deepest levels of individual consciousness to our collective society.

Aida holds a Doctorate of Philosophy, specialized in the philosophy of mind with her studies and practice predominantly focused on flourishing – or how people can have better lives and achieve their highest potentials by changing their attitudes about themselves and their environment instead of just focusing on what they are missing out on or don’t have access to yet — something that many people do not necessarily realize they can do!

Aida is also certified as a yoga instructor & mindfulness expert, which gives her unique knowledge into combining both aspects for optimal well-being. Having worked professionally in the clinical and athletic fields, Aida truly believes that the most profound and significant events in life happen in an environment where the science and philosophy of wellbeing have been integrated.

“I came a long way in search of flourishing. What still puzzles me is the lack of happiness, respect, meaningful connections, and a sense of direction in our society despite the liberty and luxury of a triple-digit friends list, followers, and connections on social media platforms. When and where should we find a place to come together for the sake of humanity without putting certain labels on each other that are only going to cause us more pain, separation, and confusion?

At Concept Organization, we choose to create a place for anyone from anywhere in the world who sees the beauty and importance of coming together for the sake of humanity and our future development.”

Aida Askry, PhD.

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