3 Ways to Attain More Simplicity in Your Life

The world is a complex place, and it’s hard to know where to turn first. When we get bombarded by the complexities of life, it can be difficult to focus on what matters most. In order to find peace in the midst of chaos, it’s important to attain simplicity. Here are three ways you can make your life simpler.

#1- Take time for yourself

It’s important to take time for yourself. You don’t have to be a workaholic in order to feel like you have accomplished something or that you have contributed something valuable. It could be as simple as spending an hour doing a hobby you enjoy, reading a book, or going for a walk outside.

#2-Honor your needs

It’s easy to put off what you need in order to take care of others. But in order to achieve simplicity, it’s important to honor your needs and come first. This means feeding yourself when you’re hungry or going to bed when you’re tired. Honor your needs by following these three steps:

-Set priorities: Figure out what’s most important to you and do that first.

-Get rid of distractions: Get rid of anything that might get in the way of your priorities, like clutter or noise.

-Do something for yourself every day: Do something for yourself every day that will help keep you grounded and focused on the things that matter most.

#3- Say “yes” to the things that matter most

It’s easy to say “no” to the things that seem too difficult or challenging. You might be tempted to say “yes” to everything and not set any boundaries. But this will wear you down and lead you to feel overwhelmed.

It’s important to focus on what matters most, and by saying “yes” to these things, you will have a simpler life. Saying “yes” means being willing to take care of your kids, taking care of a spouse or partner, volunteering for something meaningful in your community, or spending time with friends or family members.

You can also learn how to say “no” when necessary so that you are not overcommitted. For instance, even though we may want to do everything we can for our friends and loved ones, it doesn’t mean we need to do all the work ourselves! When people offer help, encourage them by saying “yes! thank you! I really appreciate that! “When someone asks for help from you despite the fact that they could easily solve it themselves kindly redirect them towards the action they can take to resolve the situation.

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