The future is

Humanity, we’ve made it.
Finally, we soar beyond mere survival.

So some may embark for dreams of
meaning and fulfillment.

Yet awash in so many dubious sinks of time,
how are we to navigate our sea of potential
without succumbing to mirage?

History alleges immeasurable wisdom
while today we contribute objective mechanism.

In appreciating the totality,
we may hope to redeem our treasure.


Prepare yourself for the ubiquity of a new brand.

A new lifestyle.

For when you see “Concept”
 you will know what awaits:

An authentically richer life

integrating the science of today and
the diverse philosophies of history to

transcend the mundane


navigate toward flourishing.

Scroll on, voyager. Explore your future Concept lifestyle. 

1. Products deployed today.

Because all professionals deserve to flourish.

Install a flourishing culture in your spare office space.  

We construct Concept Clubs at each of your facilities for unlimited use by your employees and guests. Each club is a wellness retreat-in-a-box including:

  • A team ideation space with refreshing Zero-Gravity Chairs
  • Water massage lounger(s) for rapid stress reduction
  • Guided meditation pod(s) for deep relaxation and quietude
  • A snack bar continuously stocked with nourishing snacks and herbal teas
  • A cozy corner library loaded with inspiring personal and professional development materials (and a visual fire display)

Build your dream life in a community populated by experts and professionals. Empower your ideas and answer your questions.

  • Share your Concept” to get advice on your top-of-mind work and life situations from vetted “Navigators.”
  • Develop and relax with a resource library of guided meditations 

Bring your team or your entire company on board to get inspired and empowered to live a fulfilling life with a thriving career.

Today’s top talent demands a fulfilling career and an inspiring life.

We offer organizations a collaborative journey

from burnout
to flourishing


  • Live evaluation of company or team culture
  • CONCEPT Method process consultation for nurturing a healthy, mindful work environment
  • Mind-Body Events and Services for topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork
  • Event facilitation for ideation and team-building sessions



2. Products deployable on-demand.

Any model is improved by optimizing for human flourishing.
The Concept ecosystem will grow in time to empower many aspects of life.

The following business cases are customized and deployed as required
based on demand from partners or customers.
(6 to 18 month lead time)

Retreat Club

A luxurious nature-based community space designed to support members in improving their quality of life with personalized services, nourishing food, lively events, and good company.

Built near where you live and work, Concept Retreat Clubs provide evidence-based mind-body relaxation methods to help members recharge on a regular basis:

  • sensory-deprivation flotation therapy
  • massage therapy
  • neurofeedback training
  • infrared sauna sessions
  • personalized counseling and coaching

The Retreat Club’s premiere offering is a full-day executive “Mental Health Day” package of services.

AI-empowered authentic connection built around each user’s most compelling ideas or life situations.

  1. Post your CONCEPT and get connected live with relevant users to brainstorm.
  2. Get expert and AI advice on your next step
  3. Empower your plan with targeted resources and connections
  4. Join others in achieving their goals

Empower innovation and problem-solving with CONCEPT Method-based tools for:

  • Screening and empowering employee-identified process improvement projects
  • Integrating external insights on challenging business problems
  • Facilitating more impactful workshops and meetings

Find businesses and services verified to support a flourishing life. 

Concept’s business certification program independently verifies the claims of health and wellness companies and service providers. If it’s in the Concept Guide, it can help you flourish.

Reframe your perspective on world events.

Live articles and discussions about people, places and countries improving their state of being.

Job opportunities that fit with living a flourishing life. 

Opportunities with benefits and responsibilities pre-screened for purpose and balance.

Become certified in human flourishing. 

Build your life acumen. Certification programs for a wealth of subjects that support eudaimonia.

Discover a flourishing relationship with an insightful partner.

What do you want to talk about right now? 

Need a thinking partner? Stuck in a unique situation? 

Post your question and get connected directly with a group that’s interested in thinking it through with you.

Direct investment in products and services proven to support societal and individual health and wellness. 

Products are integrated into the Concept ecosystem to provide value to the flourishing network.


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