We offer Fort Bend County businesses solutions to empower their

flourishing professionals

flourishing professionals

to live balanced, healthy and fulfilling lives.

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“Flourishing Friday” appointments,

including a Company Culture Evaluation

and choice of Mind-Body Team Event

We know it's a stressful time,

so we're offering free

flourishing fridays

Only for members of Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce: 

Invite us to join your company or team on a Friday in June or July to get a fresh perspective on how your people and processes are doing in a changing world.

While we’re there, we’ll provide

  • a basic Company/Team Culture Evaluation
  • and your choice of Mind-Body Team Event
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We offer organizations a collaborative journey

from burnout
to flourishing

through live evaluation of company (or team) culture and consultation on impactful strategies for change.



Mental Health

Physical Wellness

Psychological Safety

Growth and Fulfillment

Because your employees deserve it.

Why Concept?

Flourishing beyond labels.

A Private Global Community

A quality-controlled professional social space for brilliant minds to innovate in their work and life through a collaborative problem-solving process.

Stronger security, community, and psychological safety.

Backed by the science of Positive Psychology

Supported by scientific research on the factors that enable individuals and communities to flourish.

We Provide the space and tools for your people to de-stress, connect authentically and grow.

A Universal development process

A repeatable development process that helps you get a fresh perspective on how your people and processes are doing in a changing world.

We utilize process consulting and shadowing to get a feel for the state of motivation, purpose, and connection in your company. Then we coach leadership on making positive changes.

A Public Benefit Corporation

Concept Organization, Inc. is committed to generate social value and public good while operating in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The Concept Lifestyle

Fit for those who seek to build a flourishing life and achieve their potential.

Find a diverse community of the highest quality populated only by those actively cultivating the best version of themselves.

Succeed with your team

Supporting individuals and organizations to achieve a healthy life inside and outside of work while growing a diversified professional network.

Share a common language for building a motivated and compassionate company culture.

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