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“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”
– Pablo Picasso

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Everyone needs to both give and receive support to live a flourishing life. Interactions in CONCEPT help anyone discover and build on their own unique abilities to help others. While many of us have dedicated our lives to specializing in specific fields of study, life often corners us all with unfamiliar circumstances and unknown territories outside of our specialty domain.

To solve this problem, we are creating a new type of social network for navigating life with the help of community-based Human Wisdom and Artificial Intelligence. We all have a piece of the puzzle. By connecting diverse ideas from leaders, thinkers and doers across fields of study and geographical regions, we can work together to plan wiser action.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, CONCEPT is built to bring the best out of everyone as the first social network that incorporates the philosophy of human flourishing to improve the purposefulness of social interactions. We are proudly home to those who see and seek their true potentials beyond the limiting labels that can cause more separation and confusion. In CONCEPT, we come together as one human family beyond our nationalities, cultures, specialties, experiences, belief systems, political views, ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations.

Together, we share the space, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and solutions that can support the betterment of self, society, and the planet.

CONCEPT Navigators are accomplished selected individuals volunteering to contribute their wisdom to the global society in their domain of expertise. During the beta stage, CONCEPT members post their “un-googleable” questions and observations to the platform in search of clarification and discovering their next steps toward flourishing. CONCEPT Navigators  then responsibly evaluate and respond to relevant questions and identify the next steps in the member’s path toward flourishing.

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