Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Explore inspiring conversations about human flourishing in an enlightening new podcast that asks

“Is there a universal equation for happiness?”

No matter where you are in life’s journey, join us as we uncover the secrets of the happiest people on earth.

A podcast for living a better life.

Join host Aida Askry and her guests as they explore how we can shift our approach to living a good life in order to have a better world. Topics include wellbeing, spirituality, relationships, creativity, business, and more.

Enjoy an uplifting boost on your way to work, during workouts, or in the car.

Tune into happiness wherever you are. Always relevant and insightful, journey alongside Aida’s Quest as you find your own path to flourishing. 

Participate in the original flourishing community.

Join us in conversations around authentic connections, positive change, and transcendental experiences as we explore the highest potential within each of us, our society, and our planet.

In the Concept Community you’ll find a safe place to explore your ideas and thoughts with people who share a common interest in human flourishing.

The CONCEPT Method

Who writes the Aida’s Quest podcast format? The founders do! Aida and Benjamin, the founders of Concept Organization, Inc. developed the CONCEPT Method™ as a universal equation for authentic human connection and development.

Whether you are interested in profound conversations, personal growth, or team cohesion, the CONCEPT Method offers a step-by-step protocol that can that can help us come together to explore the most profound questions of life, work, and society from diverse perspectives.

The Concept Organization is currently exploring AI-enhanced applications of the method and even building real-world facilities for human flourishing!

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What is happiness? What does it mean to live a good life? Aida’s drive for understanding human flourishing has connected her to some of the happiest people around. Now she’s setting out on a quest to find a universal equation for happiness by interviewing these uncommonly flourishing individuals by applying her 7-step CONCEPT Method for […]




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