About CONCEPT Organization, Inc.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”
– Pablo Picasso


Founded in 2020, CONCEPT Organization, Inc. is a global digital social hub for Human Flourishing with a local presence.


To create a people-focused and AI-enabled space connecting people globally in one cohesive social space for the sake of development and public good.


Our vision is to build the world’s leading Human Flourishing community, focusing on authentic connections, positive change, and transcendental experiences.

Community Values

Wisdom Sharing

We are here to comfortably enjoy nourishing conversations, share ideas, and identify the next steps towards difficult questions in different stages of life.

Human Flourishing Beyond Labels

We are proudly home to those who see and seek their true potentials beyond the limiting labels that can cause more separation and confusion. In CONCEPT, we come together as one human family beyond our nationalities, cultures, specialties, experiences, belief systems, political views, ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations.


Together, we share the space, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and solutions that can support the betterment of self, society, and the planet

Social Impact

CONCEPT is the world’s first human flourishing platform. It acts as a systematic catalyst between individuals and organizations with a common goal to serve and benefit the development of both humans and the planet. As such, our platform itself sits within the U.N Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals, while the activities undertaken by our members in the platform will support all of the other Sustainable Development Goals.

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